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Requirement for Ratification and Certificate of Occupancy


             A covering letter by the Agent or individual person submitting the application

              must accompany the Application Form with the following: A covering letter

              which must contain the contact details - Address, Telephone Nos. and 

              where possible an e-mail address.

             A duly completed Land Regularisation Form 1 obtained from the Lands

              Bureau.  Application form for Residential users cost N5,000.00 while

              Forms for Commercial is N10,000.00.  The form must be completed,

              dated and signed by the Applicant and sworn to before a magistrate

              or notary public.

             4 Passport Photograph (with coloured white background 5x5cm in size) 

             Land Information Certificate from Surveyor General (original)

             Photocopy of Purchase Receipt with Stamp Duty

             N100 current Special Development Levy

             Current Tax Clearance Certificate or Electronic Tax Clearance Certificate

             Sketch map of site Location

             Original Survey Plan (4 copies)

             Photocopy of Property

             One Original copy of Deed of Assignment




Land Information Certificate is issued by the surveyor General’s Office and at times may be revalidated (where applicable).


Requirement for Land Information Certificate


                        Covering letter addressed to Surveyor General

                        Sun print survey plan

                        Receipt of payment




Approval of building plan and conformity of the land use to the zoning regulations.


Requirements for the Processing of Building Plan for Approval at Lagos State Physical Planning Permit Authority (LASPPPA)


The following documents must be submitted at the point of registration of all applications for building plan approval in line with the state policy on Operation 30 30; an acronym for speedy processing/approval of building plan applications:


         Five (5) Sets of each of:-

  •  Architectural Drawings,
  • Structural Drawings  with detailing/calcuilations and letter of 

             structural stability from COREN certified Engineer.

  • Sanitary and Plumbing Drawings
  • Electrical Drawings
  • Mechanical Drawings

where applicable

         One (1) Sun print copy of Survey Plan.

         Proof of Land Ownership such as Certified True copy of Title Document (C of O),

          Letter of Ratification in case of Government Acquisition or Revocation Areas,

         Governor consents, etc.

          Receipts of  all Land Charges paid to date in case of State Land

          Receipts of Lagos State Special Development Levy in respect of the TCC.

          Receipts of Land Use Charge paid to the Government in respect of

           properties owned by the applicant/Sworn Affidavit in lieu.

          Receipt of processing fees payable in cash or bank drafts to Lagos State

            Government at desingnated banks.

          Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in respect of all Commercial

           Industiral,  Institutional applications and some other uses prepared by

           an Urban and Regiional Planner registered by NITP/TOPREC.

         Letter of Clearance from the following Government agencies:-

  •  Change of Use & Approval in Principle from Ministry of Physical Planning & Urban Development
  • Planning Information from Special Applications Unit in respect of Special Applications: Places of Worship, Filling Stateions, Shopping Complex, Schools, Banks, Eateries, Mortuaries & Hotels
  • Land Use & Allocation Directorate: all State lands and Government Schemes
  • Land Services Department: For Governor's Consent and subsequent transactions on landed propoerties.
  • Ministry of Transportation metro line project, in case of properties around the proposed metro line alignment/ corridor.
  • Drainage Department of MEPP: -  Applications within, drainage alignment, gorge, flood plain, river/water bodies, Lagoon, shoreline e t.c
  • Urban Renewal Board: applications that fall within Urban Renewal Scheme Areas.
  • Lagos State Surveyor General's Office for applications that fall within acquisition, revocation and excision boundaries.




All applications within blighted area or LASURA Scheme are referred for clearance so that the service plots could be preserved.  One of the cardinal objectives of the Authority is the identification of slum areas and preparation of scheme on same.


Requirements for clearance letter from LASURA


                        Application for clearance address to the General Manager

                        Body of the letter must include:-     Location/Address

                        Name of applicant which must correspond with the name on the survey plan

                        Survey plan

                        Assessment papers and lastly

                        Payment Receipts

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